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Doorways Workshop



If you are seeking change, retiring from work, or uncertain of your next direction in life…then this workshop is for you. 


By engaging in this powerful visually creative process, and using simple sculpting techniques and materials, you will create a doorway that represents transitions in your life.

You will gain insight, clarity and confidence about the direction your life is taking and have a unique sculptured artwork that will continue to serve as visual guide on your life path. 

You can expect to have an enjoyable, interesting, experience guided by Pamela through the doorways creation process. Bring your questing self and curiosity. 

Saturday March 17 - 1 pm to 6 pm 
Sunday March 18 - 1 pm to 4 pm

Fee $150 (deposit required)

Location - Luc Sculpture Studios and School

663 Greenwood Ave, Toronto 

Contact Pamela for more in information and to register at – or 416-463-6162













Shadow Mask Workshop



For Adults on Saturday January 20 from 1 pm to 6 pm 
and on Sunday January 21 from 1 pm to 4 pm




Located - Luc Sculpture Studios and School

 663 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 4B3


Fee $150 - Deposit required (materials included)


Maximum 6 attendees


To register contact or 416-463-6162



What is a Shadow Mask


The creation of the shadow mask is about revealing hidden and denied aspects of your self through the mask making. These hidden parts can range in expression from sorrow to anger, weakness to strength, joy to depression and all shades in between.


The basic concept is built upon Jungian concept of the shadow present in all of us. In owning our shadow self, we discover healthier avenues for negotiating conflict, new dimensions of compassion, and greater understanding of our deep interconnectedness. 


We can’t change anything we don’t know about. And we certainly can’t change other people. So we learn to be aware of our total self, the dark and the light and then at the same time choose to make more conscious choices about our own behaviour.



The mask is made using simple sculpting techniques and materials with newspaper, cardboard paper-mache wire, acrylic paint and mixed media.

For more images and information about Shadow Masks see -









Date- Tuesday, October 17th, 10am - 1pm

Location- Gerrard Arts Space, 1475 Gerrard St. E., Toronto


Instructor: Pamela Schuller

Pay What You Can

A visual textured storytelling workshop for adults and children from age 9 and up


Using sticks, yarns and other textiles, this workshop invites you to create a personal story stick woven with reflections, memories, and intentions for your life.  


Participants usually spend about 15 to 40 minutes to wind a stick with the materials and will have the opportunity to share their story. This workshop is accessible for all abilities and results in a beautiful art piece. 


Materials provided. You can also bring your own stick , up to 12 inches long.

"Our stories illustrate our inherent connectedness with others. In the life story of each person is a reflection of another’s life story. In some mysterious, amazing way our stories and our lives are all tied together.”  Quote from Robert Atkinson 

To save a spot please contact Pamela directly at: ot 416-463-6162

Drop-in participants are also welcome.





Presented By Bain Arts Collective



From August 9th to September 19th, the Bain Arts Collective will be running free workshops and leading drop-in activities to create works of art with the Bain Co-op community and people of the Riverdale area.


We will be exploring the themeCampfires through visual arts, dance, story-telling, shadow play, food-making, puppetry, band, choir and installation.



Campfires explores the themes of communal gathering, transformation, story-telling, personal lineage, light and shadow.



On the evening of Saturday, September19th, the Bain Co-op and Withrow park will be lit up with interactive


installations and performances created for and by the surrounding community.



We would love for you to be a part ofthis massive project!



If you are interested, would like more information, want to volunteer, or plan to sign up for one of these workshops, please contact us at:



 647-464-5892 - Sean


416-463-6162 - Pamela











July, August, September 2015


Workshops and Community Arts Projects


Pegasus Dance Camp- July

Workshops sculpting animals



Luc Sculpture- July, August

Workshops making masks



Bain Arts Collective ,Community Arts Project – July, August, September

Funded by Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council


A community arts project with the Bain Co-op residents and surrounding neighbourhood.

Project is led by Sean Frey- and Pamlela Schuller associate artist.

Stay tuned for more updates.







 June - 2015


Dawes Crossing project is  funded by East End Arts also one of the urban interventions  of 100in1Day Global movement.


 About EastEnd Arts


About 100In1Day Toronto -





If you would like to be notifed of upcoming workshops and events send Pamela your contact information.


Consider the possibilities of  organizing a workshop using any of the art mediums I offer with your school, company, organization or a group of your friends. Contact me for more information.





Wishing you a wonderous day filled with joy .



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