Pamela Schuller - Mask Maker, Arts Educator, Community Artist

Welcome to Stonemasque


 Stonemasque offers art making projects and workshops that are inclusive to many levels of age and ability and ideal for collaborating and engaging with the diverse needs of communities. 


Implementing various forms of creative expression, participants are moved to create rich interpretations of their own personal, cultural and shared collective stories.


Working  in the arts with a community, school, or group  goals and visions are realized jointly by collaborating with participants, community leaders, and teachers, based on their background, knowledge, and vision.


I welcome you as a member of a community or as an educator to contact me, if you think that an art project or workshop similar to the ones shown might be of benefit to your school, community, group or yourself.


You will also find examples of my personal mask works here, many of which are great for parades, performance, display. 



Enjoy your visit, and contact me with questions or feedback .






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