Acrylic painting Inukshuk Sculpture - Silverthorne Public School by Pamela Schuller

Inukshuk Sculpture - Silverthorne Public School

The Inukshuks were built as a legacy project for the grade 6 students to celebrate the end of their time at Silverthorn School. Each of the paper mache stone was created separately. using cardboard, crushed newspaper, plastic bags and papier mache, and painted with acrylics.

The symbolic images painted on to the Inukshuks were collectively developed with  the students. Through their sketches and discussions about important aspects of life in their community they came understandings of how to represent these various aspects on the Inukshuk.

Inukshuk at left (light grey) - symbols representing Trust, Obstacles / Challenges, Vision / Dreams

Inukshuk in Middle (brown)- symbols representing Fear, Courage, Spirituality

Inukshuk at right (dark grey) - symbols representing Anger, Growth, Inspiration