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Bain Arts Collective is moving into the 5th week of workshops leading up to the Campfires illumination Festival featuring Nuit Blanch style installations and ending with collective performance.

Come and join a workshop listed below.


Workshops this Week ( see events listing for full calendar)


Sunday, September 13


100 Bain Ave at Logan,

Get directions

100 Bain Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1E8


No Experience Necessary. All ages welcome.

Its never too late too join.


2- 5 Drop In Arts Activities – S Maples Courtyard

2- 4 Marshmellow Vanities

2 - 5 Giant Puppets

2 - 5 Weaving Circles


2- 4 Food Arts – N. Maples Courtyard


2- 5 Digital Campfire – Bain Recording Studio


4-5:30 Dance –Community Center

4-5:30 Choir

7- 8:30 Band


7- 9 Campfire –S Maples Courtyard


Donations always welcome

For information contact –


Save the show date September 19th, 7:30 to 8:30



Bain Apartments Cooperative 100th Anniversary Celebration September 2013 - Bain Arts Collective Home Made Stories Project 



Making the dough for the food arts workshop

Food arts- faces ready to go into the clay oven
Sunday evening campfire as we all contemplate what illuminates our lives
Light Installation - drawing our ancestors in to the inked sheet of plastice that will projected on a screen
Working on the giant puppett head
Weaving our stories into circles
Weaving circles and lantern making 
Weaving our stories in to the circles
Clay oven were the food arts take place
Strawberry muffins decorated with edible flowers

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