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Presented By Bain Arts Collective


From August 9th to September 19th, the Bain Arts Collective will be running free workshops and leading drop-in activities to create works of art with the Bain Co-op community and people of the Riverdale area.


We will be exploring the theme Campfires through visual arts, dance, story-telling, shadow play, food-making, puppetry, band, choir and installation.


Campfires explores the themes of communal gathering, transformation, story-telling, personal lineage, light and shadow.


On the evening of Saturday, September 19th, the Bain Co-op and Withrow park will be lit up with interactive installations and performances created for and by the surrounding community.


We would love for you to be a part of this massive project!


If you are interested, would like more information, want to volunteer, or plan to sign up for one of these workshops, please contact us at:


Sean- 647-464-5892

Pamela- 416-463-6162

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