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Wind, Water, Sun, Wood - Dawes Crossing Community Arts Project


Join this arts event to create a painted tapestry installation. Participants will paint their interpretation of the elements of wind, sun, water, and wood that are defined in the design of the Dawes Crossing sculpture


The resulting tapestry will be displayed at a center in the Ward 31 community


When- Saturday, June 6 from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm

Where - Dawes Road at Victoria Park Ave,

Adults and children age 10 and up


Funding for the project is generated from the solar income as intended as part of Dawes Crossing design concept.



Supported by East Arts


Wind , Sun ,Water , Wood is also in collaboration with

100In1Day  a global festival of civic engagement




Beautiful poster design generously created by Gallen Milne Hines. 



Galen Milne-Hines


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