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A colourful, socially engaging and fun installation, which fosters literacy development, the poetry wall can be developed with schools, community and cultural centres.



A Poetry wall is simple to create using cardboard pieces painted with acrylics with a single word painted on the board. Magnetic strips are attached to the back and the words are arranged on a magnetic surface.


The visually engaging poetry wall encourages people of all ages to play with the words creating poetic phrasings.



In schools, students, while enroute to class, will often pause to play with the poetry wall and create an arrangement of words that communicates an inspiration, a feeling or a message to their peers and the collective community.



Teachers can either bring a selection of the words to their class, or bring the students to the wall and instruct the students to create a phrase using several of the the word boards on the installation. Students will write the word in their notebook then use words as a source of inspiration to develop a story, rap, rhyme or poem.


The poetry wall is also a perfect vehicle for developing vocabulary with ESL students and cultivate First Nations language acquisition.


Parents and caregivers while waiting by the poetry wall to pick up their children after school can explore word play with their younger siblings thereby developing vocabulary through the engagement.


The process of the public and students engaging with the poetry wall results in stronger relationships with students, teachers, families and and contributes to an enriched culture of learning, communication and language expression.



W. H. Auden said, “Play is what we want to

do. Work is what we have to do.” Poetry is both of these

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