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Doorways Workshop


Are you curious about the next stage of your life?


Take a chance. Life enhance. You’ll know so much more. It will be revealed in your door. The way you have been looking for. Come on a quest.  It will be the best.

Please be my guest.  Yes for a  fee. Creating your doorway helps set you free on your path. That will make laugh. Its true!.....laughter is the best medicine.

Sign up soon. Give yourself a boon. 

What you don’t know. Won’t show!

Make way for your day. Your UNIQUE path is the way.


The Doorways  Workshop is sculptural exploration. You will create a doorway that represents your transitions. Using common place, 95 % recycled, simple materials and suitable for all skill levels and ages



Doorways Workshop details


Dates- Saturday March 17: 1 pm to 6 pm 
Sunday March 18: 1 pm to 4 pm

Fee: $150  - (sliding scale available)


Contact : Pamela to register at or 416-463-6162.


You can check   to see the diverse possibilities for a doorway sculpture



Doorway created by  a male in previous doorways workshop and is a former highschool principal. 

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