Pamela Schuller - Mask Maker, Arts Educator, Community Artist

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Make a mask for dance and play to resonate with your-self in everyway.


For adults and children on Saturday February 11 from 1 am to 5 pm 


Fee $20  (15.00 plus 5.00 for materials)

To register click here


Adress- Luc Sculpture, 663 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto

TTC access: 2 minutes from TTC Greenwood Subway station

Car: North east from Danforth Avenue and Greenwood Avenue intersection. There is coin parking along the Danforth.


Join us at this Mardi Gras workshop with your inspiration ready to flow. Using simple techniques and materials you will be assisted as needed to facilitate your imaginations mask vision.

Pamela’s first art love is mask making and facilitating the transformation, fun and play that are evoked when people make and wear their own mask creation. 







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