Pamela Schuller - Mask Maker, Arts Educator, Community Artist

Doorways Workshop


Are you curious about the next stage of your life?


Take a chance. Life enhance. You’ll know so much more. It will be revealed in your door. The way you have been looking for. Come on a quest.  It will be the best.

Please be my guest.  Yes for a  fee. Creating your doorway helps set you free on your path. That will make laugh. Its true!.....laughter is the best medicine.

Sign up soon. Give yourself a boon. 

What you don’t know. Won’t show!

Make way for your day. Your UNIQUE path is the way.


The Doorways  Workshop is sculptural exploration. You will create a doorway that represents your transitions. Using common place, 95 % recycled, simple materials and suitable for all skill levels and ages



Doorways Workshop details


Dates- Saturday March 17: 1 pm to 6 pm 
Sunday March 18: 1 pm to 4 pm

Fee: $150  - (sliding scale available)


Contact : Pamela to register at or 416-463-6162.


You can check   to see the diverse possibilities for a doorway sculpture



Doorway created by  a male in previous doorways workshop and is a former highschool principal. 

Doorways Workshop 


Are you seeking change, retiring from work, feeling uncertain about your next direction in life then the Door Ways workshop will help you. 

By engaging in this powerful visually creative process, using simple sculpting techniques and materials, you will create a doorway that represents transitions in your life.

You will gain insight, clarity, and confidence to trust the direction your life is taking, and will have a unique sculptured artwork that will continue to serve as visual guide on your life path. 


You can expect to have an enjoyable, interesting, experience guided by Pamela, a supportive and experienced community artist and educator, through the Doorways creation process. Bring your questing self and curiosity for this creative journey.


Location: Luc Sculpture Studios and School

663 Greenwood Ave., Toronto



Saturday March 17: 1 pm to 6 pm 
Sunday March 18: 1 pm to 4 pm


Fee: $150  ($50.00 deposit required)


Instructor: Pamela Schuller


Contact : Pamela to register at or 416-463-6162.


Pamela Schuller is an experienced community artist and educator arts who has worked with people of all ages in fun and creative sculpture, mask making, and mixed media workshops for over 25 years.


You can check   to see the diverse possibilities for a doorway sculpture.



Story Sticks- An expressive workshop for all ages that is great for schools, communities, organizations, festivals, ceremonies and celebrations. I believe this would be an insightful and profound process integrated in to visioning, political and social justice meetings.  


Using sticks, yarns and other textiles, this workshop invites you to add to a collective story staff or create a personal story stick woven with reflections, memories, and stories of your life.  

Depending on the intention and location of the workshops people will relate the story reflected on their stick to me, write it out, record it or share their story in a listening circle.

I am deeply moved by the rich personal stories that people reveal on their sticks within 10 to 30 minutes. I have heard whole life stories, philosophies of life, or a special chapter of life’s journeys.   Creatively I find this workshop is accessible for all ages and abilities and also results in beautiful art piece.  What Rumi says is true!


Life Stories Can Change the World!

Open to me, so that I may open.
Provide me your inspiration
So that I might see mine.

 To book a workshop contact Pamela at



Make a mask for dance and play to resonate with your-self in everyway.


For adults and children on Saturday February 11 from 1 am to 5 pm 


Fee $20  (15.00 plus 5.00 for materials)

To register click here


Adress- Luc Sculpture, 663 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto

TTC access: 2 minutes from TTC Greenwood Subway station

Car: North east from Danforth Avenue and Greenwood Avenue intersection. There is coin parking along the Danforth.


Join us at this Mardi Gras workshop with your inspiration ready to flow. Using simple techniques and materials you will be assisted as needed to facilitate your imaginations mask vision.

Pamela’s first art love is mask making and facilitating the transformation, fun and play that are evoked when people make and wear their own mask creation. 








Wind Sun Water Wood - update


Local community members of all ages created this painted tapestry June 2015. The tapestry is currently displayed at Dawes Road Library.




Dawes Crossing is a public art installation and community-meeting place located at the intersection of Dawes Road and Victoria Park Avenue in Toronto. The sculpture was commissioned by the City of Toronto and created in 2012 by artist Noel Harding.

Dawes Crossing references the human and ecological history of the area. The on-site solar panels generate a modest amount of revenue that supports electricity and Wifi, maintenance, and subsidizes community activities.

Activities like the Wind, Sun, Water, Wood.


For more informantion  and to learn about other commuinty engagment events see-



This beautiful learning tree was created through The Pathways to Education in Rexdale during the after school arts program. The participants were grade 9 students of local secondary schools.  Students designed, sculpted, paper mached and painted the tree with Pamela’s guidance.


The 7 roots of the tree have been painted to reflect qualities or characteristics of life. Through discussions the youth determined what they feel is most important for their home life and living in healthy community. These qualities are from left to right: wisdom, friendship, love, family, joy, respect and spirituality.  The center root, family is considered the most important aspect of nourishing their lives.  Several of the 

leaves were painted to reflect the symbolism of the roots.


 The tree sculpture will be permanently displayed at The Pathways to Education office.  Final display picture and tree title coming soon. 


Bain Arts Collective is moving into the 5th week of workshops leading up to the Campfires illumination Festival featuring Nuit Blanch style installations and ending with collective performance.

Come and join a workshop listed below.


Workshops this Week ( see events listing for full calendar)


Sunday, September 13


100 Bain Ave at Logan,

Get directions

100 Bain Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1E8


No Experience Necessary. All ages welcome.

Its never too late too join.


2- 5 Drop In Arts Activities – S Maples Courtyard

2- 4 Marshmellow Vanities

2 - 5 Giant Puppets

2 - 5 Weaving Circles


2- 4 Food Arts – N. Maples Courtyard


2- 5 Digital Campfire – Bain Recording Studio


4-5:30 Dance –Community Center

4-5:30 Choir

7- 8:30 Band


7- 9 Campfire –S Maples Courtyard


Donations always welcome

For information contact –


Save the show date September 19th, 7:30 to 8:30



Bain Apartments Cooperative 100th Anniversary Celebration September 2013 - Bain Arts Collective Home Made Stories Project 



Making the dough for the food arts workshop

Food arts- faces ready to go into the clay oven
Sunday evening campfire as we all contemplate what illuminates our lives
Light Installation - drawing our ancestors in to the inked sheet of plastice that will projected on a screen
Working on the giant puppett head
Weaving our stories into circles
Weaving circles and lantern making 
Weaving our stories in to the circles
Clay oven were the food arts take place
Strawberry muffins decorated with edible flowers

Presented By Bain Arts Collective


From August 9th to September 19th, the Bain Arts Collective will be running free workshops and leading drop-in activities to create works of art with the Bain Co-op community and people of the Riverdale area.


We will be exploring the theme Campfires through visual arts, dance, story-telling, shadow play, food-making, puppetry, band, choir and installation.


Campfires explores the themes of communal gathering, transformation, story-telling, personal lineage, light and shadow.


On the evening of Saturday, September 19th, the Bain Co-op and Withrow park will be lit up with interactive installations and performances created for and by the surrounding community.


We would love for you to be a part of this massive project!


If you are interested, would like more information, want to volunteer, or plan to sign up for one of these workshops, please contact us at:


Sean- 647-464-5892

Pamela- 416-463-6162

my . artist run website